Skiing is awesome!!

So today we finally got to go up and ski! And the one thing I rediscovered during the first trip down is that skiing is absolutely awesome! I just love it!

Ok…I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t a bit rusty at the beginning.
Just getting down to the slopes from the top was so strange. You kinda feel like Bambi on the ice the first 10 minutes, and your GS skis feels like DH skis. BUT when you do get it right, it’s the world’s most amazing feeling. You arc the turns and just keep pushing your limits! How much angle can I get? How much speed can I get out of each turn? It’s an incredible feeling!

Something I also got a little taste of today was the altitude! I got really nauseous and lightheaded in the middle of the session. The same thing happened last year when I got up here. The thing is you cover a lot of altitude in a small amount of time and for me that’s a challenge. This passes after the first couple of days so there is no problem, its just very uncomfortable when it happens!
I also feel my summer feet acting out. I would probably feel the same way if I was being squeezed inside shoes that was being waaaaay too small! Then again, this passes as well. Just need some getting used to!

The weather was great and that makes it even better!









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