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For you Norwegians out there who’s interested in reading; did an interview regarding the upcoming season!

Ragnhild nærmer seg drømmen



Done with part two: Saas Fee


The last 4 days we had in Saas Fee was almost as good as the time we spent in Zermatt! The hill is for sure different, and the snow conditions were a bit more challenging, but all in all it was some great days there as well! The weather was one again perfect as you can see on the award winning gallery I put further down!

I’m super happy about these three(!!!!) and a half weeks we were skiing now! There are more good turns in there than bad and the best of all is that that doesn’t just apply for me! Meaning: All the girls on the team has been working super hard and with that you can seriously see the results! This makes me just more pumped up for the next camp and it brings out my competitive side! Maybe a bit too soon cause the season doesn’t start until the end of October, but it’s a competitive sport and you gotta bring your best all the time.

Anyhow, we are heading home for some time now before we start up again in the beginning of September!










Saas Fee

556453_10201007607526024_2001291034_nAfter a couple of relaxing days in Thun, again, we went up to Saas Fee yesterday. First day slalom for my sake and let me tell you… That showed. I don’t think I’ve ever skied so bad slalom in my life! It’s not even something to get angry or annoyed about. It’s just plain, old humiliating.

We also had some kids training with us from Meiringen today, as they won a lot of children’s races last year. Hahah…I think I gave some of them a god lesson on How-not-to-ski. Some of them skied a lot better than me. But in my defense it was really soft and kinda wet snow, and trying to go your own line, ended up with me hitting every track the opposite way and bouncing out the course. Don’t think I even used my outside ski the entire day. So I hope nobody picked up on my failed circus tricks today. Well, the only think you can learn from these kinda days, is that they happen and without these days you don’t really appreciate the good ones. You can also use some of the day taking some nice photos!







Done with part one: Zermatt

We are done with these two and a half weeks down here in Zermatt. We are gonna take a few days off in Thun before we end this long camp with a week in Saas Fee!

This period has gone way better than expected! I’ve gotten to automatize more movements that I’ve struggled with in the past and I’m absolutely on route for where I want to be this time a year. We’ve had a lot of focus on just getting comfortable back on skis, get the confidence up and ski well technically.

The speed has been tested and me and my long skis are good friends for the moment!













Getting better!

Today was the best day so far. We had GS and the conditions was one of the best I think I’ve ever skied on. You feel like a champion carving down the course. The snow really gives you support and the sky is the limit on how much you dare to push it. Now… we are still in the beginning of the season and the races doesn’t start for a while so we gotta be patient, but it soooo much fun! We all have our stuff we work on and sometimes you gotta slow it down to make progress.

This is what it looked like in the morning…

And this is how it turned out!





So after 6 days without skiing (3 of them being voluntarily) we got back on snow today! Just had to wait an extra 3 nerve-pinning hours in the morning, but boy was it worth it! Sun was up, blue sky, hard snow…what more can you ask for?!

Yeah, except ski endurance… If I didn’t know what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days, I would have thought I’ve done absolutely nothing! Shit! No, actually I would take that back and ask again; what I’ve been doing the hole summer?! Definitely lying flat out on the sofa eating candy… At least that’s what it feels like! The legs are burning and you lie in the bottom of the hill gasping for air!
Anyhow….keeps getting better! 🙂



To ski, or not to ski? That’s the question.

Yeah, soo as you maybe can tell from this title, we didn’t get to go skiing today either. Too much wind… We have been kinda unlucky with the weather lately…but hopefully the weather-gods will bless us with sunny sky’s in the near future 😉

So here comes another day of staying down, twinning thumbs and waiting.