Finally I’m back home. No updates lately, cause as the birds fly down south for the winter, I fly up north.
After the camp in Saas Fee I moved all my stuff, meaning my suitcase, back home to beautiful Molde for the winter.

Needless to say, you do what you can to save money, and me staying home in wintertime saves me a lot. No house rent to pay and no food to buy. I gotta admit, moving back home after 6 year on my own is a hard pill to swallow, but then again…Since I’m only gonna stay here about a week from the end of October to Christmas, I think I will survive.

Really haven’t been doing much lately so then I’ll just show you how nice Molde actually is.

IMG_8193 IMG_8188 IMG_8187 IMG_8185IMG_1626 IMG_1643IMG_1611 IMG_4895
(Yes, you out there who has to be politically correct, this is not Molde, but just outside of Molde.)IMG_4979 IMG_2072 IMG_4828


End of camp two: Saas Fee


So two days ago we came here to Saas Fee, after a couple of days off in Thun again.

The camp in Zermatt has been mixed; meaning it has been a lot of changing weather and with that changing conditions. I think its actually good, to ski on a bit challenging and from time to time too challenging conditions. That makes you really appreciate the snow conditions when its hard and packed, and not to forget, it challenges you to work with the basics of your skiing. BUT, when the snow conditions where good, we had an awesome training! So all in all these camps in Zermatt was really good. I’m happy with my progress and I feel like I’m on route for where I’m supposed to be this time of year.

Now I only have 3 days left of this loooooong camp. Time has gone so fast, I can’t believe we’re almost in October already… and Sölden is coming in fast. Still got a way to go, but at least I’m taking a step every day!

Anyhow, we are having fun at the start! 😉




Stoked Zermatt: best footbeds


As a skier you rely on good balance and support in your feet. You are always keen to fix every little detail that can make you ski faster! Footbeds/insoles are actually much more important then you think. I’ve skied with the same insole for a looong time, and this camp I got fixed custom footbeds. The difference is HUGE! I’ve had some problems before, but now my balance, support and ski feeling is amazing! I would recommend anyone to go and get their footbeds made here!

Huge thanx to Max and the guys at Stoked for helping us out 😉







And while you wait… You can hang out with this beauty!




Happy birthday!

20130912-210531.jpgYou only turn 21 once and today was my turn. We had scheduled a day off, (unfortunately not just to celebrate my birthday) so my day started out with a surprise brunch with everyone on the team. I have the most amazing team and they had made everything from omelettes to pancakes to chocolate cake to getting fresh fruit and berries.
Then it was birthday lunch, some relaxing/recovery time and birthday dinner, so all in all: a-stuff-your-face-with-as-much-food-as-you-can-day! Or as I like to call it, a perfect day!

Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes, I really appreciate it! Now I’m finally old enough to go twirking with Miley Cyrus in the US!

How amazing is this?

Dinner with amazing company!

This awesome chef wrote that with salt, backwards AND upside down! (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: it may cause huge amounts of salt loss)

Did everyone get a photo of that?? Sure looks like it!


Music tip: Bastille

Ok, you know when you have this one song that plays constantly in your head. I’ve had that lately, but the thing is; its not just one song, its an entire album. Or in this case a mix tape. Bastille is the band I’m talking about.  They are amazing and they are making so good cover songs, original songs and remixes that I never get tired of listening to it.


Here are just two of my favorite songs for the moment.

Changing weather


These last days the weather has been changing a lot. Three days ago, on Saturday, it got cancelled and the weather forecast on Sunday did not look good so we took another day off. Yesterday we were back on skis and the conditions were no longer hard and compact, but super soft. This was a new challenge or us; it’s about skiing mid-balance and be really smooth on the edge.

Today it was even more challenging conditions. We were skiing SG and the sun and the fog had a rave party and played peekaboo with us all day, coming and going whenever it pleased.
Skiing in flat light or even in fog is a bitch, but to put in the worlds biggest cliché here: what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right!?
Anyways, took a ton of photos yesterday and once again Zermatt is showing off!