Happy birthday!

20130912-210531.jpgYou only turn 21 once and today was my turn. We had scheduled a day off, (unfortunately not just to celebrate my birthday) so my day started out with a surprise brunch with everyone on the team. I have the most amazing team and they had made everything from omelettes to pancakes to chocolate cake to getting fresh fruit and berries.
Then it was birthday lunch, some relaxing/recovery time and birthday dinner, so all in all: a-stuff-your-face-with-as-much-food-as-you-can-day! Or as I like to call it, a perfect day!

Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes, I really appreciate it! Now I’m finally old enough to go twirking with Miley Cyrus in the US!

How amazing is this?

Dinner with amazing company!

This awesome chef wrote that with salt, backwards AND upside down! (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: it may cause huge amounts of salt loss)

Did everyone get a photo of that?? Sure looks like it!


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