First race: Sölden

Well…31st is a sucky position to be in, and 9/100 away from skiing a 2.nd run is even worse. BUT…. This is only my second GS race in the world cup, not counting the World Championships, so actually its not that bad. It’s one step closer to getting one foot inside the top 30 and for sure this is only the first race of the season. So, no worries yet! Nina did good though, ending 26th!

So head up and I hope that the margins will be on my side the next race in Beaver Creek.

Heading home for a little week before heading out again.
Thanx for all the support and cheering! I really appreciate it. SKI ALPIN - FIS WC Soelden, RTL, Damen

SKI ALPIN - FIS WC Soelden, RTL, Damen


Sölden: The start of the season

It all boils down to this.. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You can feel the tension in the air, the nervous looks, the hysterical fans, the paparazzi’s circling outside hotels ? It has to be…JUSTIN BIEBER is in town???!

Or at least it feels like it! No,… This is different kind of superstars staying at the hotels, different kind of fans, different kind competition and a different category of skills being tested. This is the start of the anticipated Sochi Olympic season and this is Sölden; the first race of the 2013/14 World Cup season.

This is my first race here in Sölden and for sure I can feel the nerves kicking in, my heart beating a little bit faster and the excitement for this coming season starting to kick in full speed.
“Tomorrow” is usually spent lying in the sofa with my covers drinking hot chocolate while wishing I could ski here. Now I’m finally here, ready to push the limits.

And drumroll please….. I’m starting on #bib 38, which is awesome, the earlier the better!
So I hope all of you back home or elsewhere are gonna watch me, Lotte(#30) and Nina(#34) race the shit out of that hill tomorrow!
Start at 09.30!

(For my Norwegian friends; NRK eller Eurosport sender og her er noen avisartikler) og

Follow online here:
I’m ready, are you guys? 🙂

SKI ALPIN - FIS Ski WM 2013, RTL, Damen

Training in Sölden


We have been training these last two days in the race hill of Sölden. This is both exciting and scary at the same time. Sölden is, as many of you know, the most difficult hill at the woman’s side in the WC. It has the longest and steepest course in this tour, so you can understand that the heart is racing a little bit more than usual at the start.

Anyhow, we had a good training and it’s good to de-scarynize (just made up a word there) the hill for the upcoming race.
For the first-time-skier in Sölden; its a serious attack of butterflies in your stomach. You stand up at the start, cold sweating and breathing heavily just mentally preparing to ski down the pitch.
Now, since I’m such a experienced racer and never raced here before (2 days training here last year though)….I don’t get butterflies, I get marble balls with the size of China trying to brake free. Not the best feeling, but the thing is… After surviving that steep time after time, it isn’t that scary anymore. And THAT’s a relief. So now I’m getting more and more ready to put my attacking-viking-warrior-mask on. Cause let’s just say this: It’s a struggle all the way from the start to the finish.

We are only 6 days away from the season kick-off, it’s both nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. I’m for sure gonna be ready to do my best on the start the 26th and I hope you are gonna watch all of us Norwegians, both girls and boys, gonna kick some serious butt!!













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Pow, pow, powder!

So I haven’t updated anything lately, which is a combination of laziness and nothing exciting happening, but what’s new is that we have traveled back to the Swiss alps and are now in Saas Fee…again…Yeah, we like it here, but apparently the weather here in Saas Fee doesn’t like us. We had to stay down two days because “Winter is coming”(Game of Thrones-style) and wind. Yesterday was our first day skiing, but it’s been snowing a lot here (not as much as in Austria I heard) so the conditions was too soft to do any training. BUT, that’s nothing to cry about since we got an awesome powder day here. We rented some fatskis and pretended we were pro freeskiers!
No, not so much, but we had a really good time!

You can watch what my day looked like here: