Beaver Creek: First speed races of the season

20131126-145631.jpgIt’s been a while since the last update, a lot of reasons for that… Mainly because I been busy sipping champagne, eating caviar and working on my suntan… Or that’s what I want you to believe….

Well, in between my  last update and this one we have done a LOT of fun stuff! Firstly I should mention I got another podium in the GS with a 3rd place at the FIS races! Pretty happy about that one! So…after the intense training and race days in Copper we went down to the low land to rest and recover from skiing. It was awesome and exactly what we needed! I’m sorry to burst the bubble and say that we didn’t just have fun, we also had some good dry land training. Few days ago we got back and continued our skiing and was working on the last details for today!! As I’m fully aware that I’ve failed to mention, is that we now are in Beaver Creek, CO and we had our first downhill training in the NEW, I’m repeating; NEW, downhill course. (Open invitation to take a look at what I’m talking about on Friday)Now I’m not one of the few that never skied here before! Its new for everyone, and its a challenging one! As many of you will see on TV on Friday; it super technical, steep and turny…. BUT also tons of fun! It feels like everything is coming rally fast cause of the crazy terrain, and I’m repeating myself here; challenging¨. No time to relax! Since my FIS points in DH is pretty bad I start a bit behind, today I was #64. I thinks it gonna get better for the race, but with these conditions it really doesn’t matter!! Its soooooo good!

I ended 20th and Lotte 15th at the first training, and with that I still think we have a couple of things we need to work on. I doubt a lot had a good feeling skiing here today, but I think everyone can agree that it was fun! New training tomorrow so hopefully I can work my way up the ranking! 😉

You can check out the results here.






One thought on “Beaver Creek: First speed races of the season

  1. Nice job today and welcome to Beaver Creek. You had one of the more excellent flights off RedTail jump. Keep going fast! PS. for ice cream try Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food.

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