Cortina, the most beautiful place on the tour.

What was supposed to be 4 days in Cortina ended up with being 12 days in Cortina. Not that I have anything against waking up to the Dolomites and UNESCO world heritage every morning. Well, at least I knew they were there, there wasn’t like I could see anything. The fog and snow made sure of that. And that people, is not a sight for sore eyes. I actually had my mom and dad fly down since I’ve been bragging about Cortina since the first time I was there a couple of years back: “It’s soooooooo beautiful there,” “if I ever wanted you guys to come to a race, that’s the place you should come,” and so on. Well….that backfired…. They never got to see either Cortina, the Dolomites or me race…(they are obviously bad luck so back in the sofa it is for them)

Anyhow, the races from Garmisch got moved to Cortina as well since there is apparently no snow there. (All the snow came to Cortina this year you see) Suddenly we had 4 races there instead of two.
First of all; I love Cortina. Every time I’ve been there it’s been great. Yes, I too think it’s because of me, thank you very much, but also the conditions are great and the courses has been amazing! On the downside; Since I’m not the only one who loves Cortina, the amount of people who skis fast there is huge! Still, I had my second best result there in SG with ending 13th there on Thursday so I’m not complaining. I also had my best downhill result there with a 28th place Friday. On Saturday I wanted to try a new approach and decided to check if people were missing me if I don’t show on start. They did, so mission accomplished! No, this last week I’ve been brewing on a small cold so I decided to skip the downhill race on Saturday to save my energy and get well for the SG race on Sunday! The SG race went fairly ok, ended 20th in a really difficult course, but with that I qualified for the SG finals in Lenzerheide in March! So Cortina wasn’t too bad for me this year.

I’m now going home for a couple of days before Kranjska Gora and the final GS race before the Olympics! I’m excited!











Zauchensee SC and the land of the pizza

Sunday was a pretty awesome day! I can’t really explain the SG… I haven’t started much in the top 30 lately and starting bib 3 was obviously a lucky number, but finishing 4th was waaaaay better than expected. As for the slalom part; I haven’t really prioritized that lately, as you so painfully could see…. Soooo I can’t really expect much from it! Ending 13th is pretty good for me!

We are now in Cortina and the land of pizza and pasta. Food here comes in a close 2nd place for me, after the tacos. I’ve been in this country for about 40 min and I’ve already stuffed my face full of pizza. Somebody had to roll me back to the hotel…. its sooooo good!

Cortina on the other hand is one of the most beautiful places on the tour… The Dolomites are mighty and beautiful  and to ski here is amazing as well.. This hill is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to ski here this weekend.

Throwing in these photos from last weekend!



20140115-154848.jpgSKI ALPIN - FIS WC Altenmarkt, Super-Kombination, Damen SKI ALPIN - FIS WC Altenmarkt, Abfahrt, Damen SKI ALPIN - FIS WC Altenmarkt, Super-Kombination, Damen


First super combined race coming up for the season. This is a race I’m looking forward too since I have good memories from the last one I did in St.Moriz a year ago. Got my first WC-points there when I ended 16th. This may come as a shocker to you, but I’ve never skied this hill either. I know, I know…I barely skied anywhere based on that my standard updates starts with: “I’ve never raced here before, This is my first time, New place”, bla bla bla. So, yes, this is another one. It looks great though. It’s also downhill here, but I’ve done that before!

After New Years, we trained a bit in Hinterreit before we traveled here to Zauchensee. It’s nice to finally have some time to calm down and train for a bit, instead of going from one race to another. Not that I’m complaining. Two days training and I’m already keen on getting back to the races, so “careful what you wish for” is my quote of the day.
Anyhow… its downhill first on Saturday and first training starts tomorrow! I also got some bright and shiny new downhill points now so I’m not gonna start too long after the top 30! I’m excited!!!








Happy new year! Godt nytt år!

2013 has passed, and it has been one hell of a year. I think every year only gets better and better, so my expectations for this coming year is sky-high! I now expect a gold…fish from my mom and dad…I also expect to meet Santa Claus next year, since he didn’t show this year (he left a note saying he got stuck in a snow blizzard), and Barack Obama, cause…uhm…. It would be cool I guess…and we could take a selfie together!!! Yes, we should most definitely take a selfie together!!! I expect my body to keep up with my mind, cause I’m gonna win…ter the shit out of this new year, and I expect to have a just as awesome year as I did now!

No, seriously. I know this year is gonna be a good one, and even though I have pretty tough expectations…let’s face it, Santa Claus didn’t get stuck in a snow storm…Rudolph ran away again, but that’s too embarrassing to say.
I hope all of you (as in you two people who is reading this post) had the best New Year’s Eve celebration as I did with tons of amazing people and friends. I wish you all (yes, still you two) the best year to come and again I wanna thank you for the support I’ve gotten this year! The kind words and “good luck’s” means the world to me.

As you can see under, we celebrated in style!