First super combined race coming up for the season. This is a race I’m looking forward too since I have good memories from the last one I did in St.Moriz a year ago. Got my first WC-points there when I ended 16th. This may come as a shocker to you, but I’ve never skied this hill either. I know, I know…I barely skied anywhere based on that my standard updates starts with: “I’ve never raced here before, This is my first time, New place”, bla bla bla. So, yes, this is another one. It looks great though. It’s also downhill here, but I’ve done that before!

After New Years, we trained a bit in Hinterreit before we traveled here to Zauchensee. It’s nice to finally have some time to calm down and train for a bit, instead of going from one race to another. Not that I’m complaining. Two days training and I’m already keen on getting back to the races, so “careful what you wish for” is my quote of the day.
Anyhow… its downhill first on Saturday and first training starts tomorrow! I also got some bright and shiny new downhill points now so I’m not gonna start too long after the top 30! I’m excited!!!








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