It’s all about details

Greetings from Saas Fee, Switzerland!

I am currently skiing here in Switzerland getting ready for the opening race in Sölden, Austria. The start of the season is not far away and I can definitely start to feel the annual race butterflies waking up from hibernation. The pre-season has been good; New Zealand was amazing and we got some great training there. I skied some GS ANC races in Coronet Peak which I won, so its good for me to know that the training I’ve done up until now is going in the right direction. After NZ  I took a detour to Australia and Thailand to relax and this was amazing! For us living in Norway and travelling as far away as it gets to ski,  you might as well also take advantage and get a vacation  out if it too. Also, it makes the travel home way easier with breaking up the trip into parts. When we finally did touchdown in Oslo, we had a big break for about three weeks staying home and working on our physical condition. To take a longer break and recharge both physically and mentally is super important to me. You can’t keep up the tension and focus all the time the entire year, so once I’m back home I take a “time-out” from skiing and anything that involves around it.

Now that we are back on skis its a lot of fun…even though it took some time getting the feeling back. I wasn’t sure how to make the skis turn the first couple of runs, but your body remembers. Skiing is like riding a bike; once you know how to do it, you never forget. Our focus now is in the details. The small adjustments that makes the huge difference whether you ski OK or fast. I feel stronger, both mentally and physically, and I’m ready for what I believe is gonna be my best season so far.

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4 thoughts on “It’s all about details

  1. Dear Ragnhild,
    Good wishes from Turkey (Türkiye) and good luck. You can be at the top. You just need a little bit of courage. Just believe in yourself.

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