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So what is my limit? Apparently I found it regarding keeping this site up… after a whole year not doing anything. BUT when it comes to what is happening to the skiing part, there are a few news I would like to share.
After a good 9 year period with Rossignol, I’ve decided to try something else. I’m happy to say I will be continuing with HEAD from here on out. That was a tough choice, but at the same time a choice I believe is the right one to take. Changing from a brand to another isn’t something I take lightly, cause its not as easy as changing clothes. It takes time to get used to and its doubles the amount of work to put in to get the answers from the gear that you are looking for. Having said that, I truly believe this is gonna help my skiing in the direction I wanna go.

I wanna thank Rossignol for all the help and support they have provided, but now I’m ready to try something new. I’ve heard change is good and right now its what I need.
By joining HEAD, I’m joining an already extreamly good stable of world class skiers.

You can also read about what HEAD thinks by clicking on the photo below:

One another note I’m also happy that I will continue with both Snowlife (gloves) and Komperdell (poles).



That’s a wrap!

I’m currently writing this from home. This season ended way earlier for me then I would like. In Bansko, Bulgaria in the SC race I straddled in the slalom and twisted my ankle. That resulted in a high ankle strain and a torn ligament. Not a huge injury, but big enough to set me out the rest of the season…which blows… I am however glad it happened this late in the season cause I don’t miss a lot of races, but that doesn’t mean I’m any more happy about it. It is what it is, and there isn’t anything to do about it now. I can look at it this way; I get a head start on my new season already! 🙂
It’s crazy how many people have been out with injury this season…that, or I’m more aware of it this time, watching from the sideline too now. I don’t really mean to dwell on the past, its just a different perspective. Anyhow, I look back on my season with a smile! I’ve taken another step closer to a podium this year then the years before. I’ve managed to reach so many of my goals, but still there are some I would have to give another year to reach! What I do got is time – and plenty of it. I’m on a good way to to a great career and I’m already now looking forward to kicking out of the gate in Sölden!

Thanks everyone who supported and followed me throughout the season. Thank you for your ‘Good luck’s!’, the ‘I believe in you’s’, the ‘I’m sorry it didn’t work out this time’s’  and the ‘Congratulations’! 🙂
I’m very appreciative and grateful for doing what I do, even in the ups and downs.

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World Champs: Part 2

So, I’m finally home. Its been a rough and demanding couple of last weeks, but for sure I’ve had a lot of fun too! I’ve been thinking about what to write about here, my thoughts and impressions of what I’ve just experienced, but I’m coming up short. I don’t think I’ve fully possessed everything yet. Whats easy to say is that for sure this wasn’t the results I was hoping for. I had higher expectations, but I’ve learned more about how I deal with that part of me also. Mentally I pulled the carpet out from under myself this championships.

There are parts which I’m very pleased about; like the downhill part of the super combined; It doesn’t really matter what you do in training when its in races everything counts. In the SC I finally managed to pull out some of my best skiing and yes, I am satisfied with the result. I skied with the confidence I’ve been missing lately to just go for it no matter what. I did get pulled out some places, hands flying in the air like I was on a freaking Beyonce concert, but I still managed to bring the speed and for that I’m more than pleased. Now, the slalom isn’t the best and for sure I know that, but I can’t really be disappointed either with the lack of both races and training. In total, it was a very happy day! For the rest I would say I’m a bit disappointed. As for the rest I would say I’m a bit disappointed. The downhill race I just shit-canned out of  this world. My mind make sure of that. Its hard when you know you are working against yourself all the time, but your doing your best to change your way of thinking and nothing works. Its kinda digging your own grave…There will be some changes here.

In GS I’ve been skiing good lately and nothing of that came out on the race day. That is what hurts the most. When you know your good enough, but you can’t get it out and show for it. The higher expectations you have, the longer the fall when you don’t make it. I’ll easily admit there were a couple of tears falling that day, but it is all about how you turn it around. I managed to change it a little for the second run, but not good enough! I need to take a breather and just restart again. I know I’m gonna jump back into it in no time. For the moment I’m just riding the roller coaster called “Life”.

ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015 ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015 ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015 ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015 ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015 ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015

Starring: World Champs – Beaver Creek

Coming here, I have a lot of butterflies! I can feel the tension, the nerves and a beaming wish that I’m gonna be good enough! This is the main event this season…The highlight of the year…I’ve been saving up for this for a long time…
SHOPPING IN THE US!!! Oh…did I just say that out loud?!

Noooo… All the above is true though, but less the shopping and more the skiing. World Champs is finally here! A chance to officially become the best in the world at what you use so many hours, sweat and tears trying to perfect. I’ve earlier written about my love for this country and I have no less of it now. The first DH training ended up WAAAAAY better than  expected…or actually WAAAAAY better than what anyone thought I would do. Me included… And I was just bragging about my 14th place in St.Moritz coming in here, and here I am skiing into second position in the first training…AND it is DOWNHILL people…. Now, calm your horses!! I am absolutely aware that this is – first of all, just a training run. Second, it was one hell of a windy day, so you can’t really put to much into timing and stuff.  Thirdly I have never been in this position before so you would think something happened to the rest of them, which it probably did, but you know what?! I don’t care cause that was AWESOME… and something I absolutely would do again…multiple times. Right then and there I pulled out some of my best skiing, and that was good enough that day.

This slopes here suits me perfectly for whatever discipline we are racing in. Well, since I am writing this post-SG race, I would say it could have suited me a little better…but as I told anyone who asked me recently – it was not my best day at work. It happens sometimes… Sometimes you just want it too much that it just messes with your head in stead. There are many reasons why that happened, most of which are in my head. If someone cracked it open to check my “machinery” I think they would have found someone trying their best at making scrambled eggs – and failing miserably. Its like a tornado of thoughts flying around and me freaking out trying to calm it down. Sometimes I do a stellar job at that = good, stable skiing…sometimes I basically just say “Fuck this” – throw in the towel, and slowly walk away from the mess whistling a tune. I would really like to get an insight on what the winners are thinking. Cause they obviously have got their shit together. Anypoo, I have 4 more events and 4 more clean sleeves to do it with. First up DH on Friday. Just because I was fast in training does not automatically mean I’m gonna do great in the race, but obviously thats what I’m going for; Skiing the best I can do, cause If I can manage to do that one more time, I know I will be happy with the result. Even though if its not gonna be a podium or a victory. If its the best I could do then and there, I will be happy with it! So hang in there folks, I am coming, its just a matter of time. ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015 ALPINE SKIING - FIS Ski WC Vail/ Beaver Creek 2015

To St. Moritz with love

I freaking love that place… Everytime I’ve been there, its been awesome…Both conditions, weather (at least most of the time) and basically just living. Its so beautiful there and its by far one of my favorite places…I feel so comfortable with the slopes and for sure that shows on my results there as well.
This last weekend I had my best result in downhill, ever; 14th! I know, that one idiot that managed to stumble on to this blog, and doesn’t know that much  about skiing, would probably not think that is a good achievement. It is though, to me….because you gotta start somewhere. When you do better than you have ever done before it is good. I’m for sure taking my time getting better in downhill, I’m painfully aware of that…but at least I’m slowly moving in the right direction. Next DH race is Beaver Creek and the Championships. Skiing “The Raptor” is something I’m equally scared and excited about, but mostly that last part.

Sunday was even more amazing! Finally I skied with the speed I’ve been missing in the last SG races and skied into 7th place! 😊 With that I did the best I’ve ever done in a speed discipline! My previous also being from St.Moritz last year (10th). Such a great way to sum up the WC races before coming into the World Championships in Beaver Creek. Now I’m taking a mini-vacation to recharge my batteries. See you in Colorado!


Learning to know your idols

SG is way more fun for me than DH… Well, obviously because I’m a way better SG skier than a DH skier, but also because it reminds me a bit more of GS. This time – for the first time – I got to start with bib nr 1! That’s a new experience; there is no line to follow, nobody has tried out the course before you, there is no TV you can watch before you go and you really have to trust yourself and the plan you do on inspection! I did chicken out some turns, but mostly I did an OK solid run. With that I ended up 15th, something I’m fairly happy with! 🙂

The biggest part of my day was by far witnessing history being made with Lindsey Vonn taking her 63 victory in a Would Cup and with that,  becoming the most winning female skier in history. Now THATS a super impressive accomplishment that is gonna be hard to beat. I’m still just a little bit intimidated and proud to be racing in the same competitions of many of the skiers I watched growing up. The names that I only knew through the TV screen, I’m now able to know and talk to…Many I which I even consider my friends. I love that about this sport; friendship is not divided by borders or countries and we are not rivals more than in the course itself. Also, being one of the younger racers in this circus, you would think the older barely acknowledges your presence, but no, not at all….They greet you with an open mind and they are the nicest people there is. Age has no meaning here, other than the experience you have or lack.

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Dear DH in Cortina

Dear DH in Cortina,

Two days ago, you were so sweet and nice. I could ski wherever I wanted and you still had my back! I thought I was starting to figure you out. I started to lean on you, trust you, but your support was gone and I was wrong. You seemed so easy and nice, but I underestimated how difficult you are.

Until next year…


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