Zermatt – first skicamp of the season

So…As you might have noticed, I have changed my homepage a little. I did it out of many reasons, but the biggest of them being that my old homepage was hard and difficult to update… Hope you find Your way around this one just as well though!

Anyhow… I’ve had a great summer chillaxing with friends and family.

IMG_5641IMG_5629 IMG_55131IMG_5457IMG_5363IMG_0136IMG_5596IMG_5377IMG_5362IMG_5356

On Sunday we arrived back here in Switzerland for our first camp for the next season. I would like to say the days has been awesome since we arrived, but that would be a big fat lie! The first day we were supposed to ski, it was closed because of the enormous amounts of rain, and today its actually sunny, but because of the weather yesterday they couldn’t groom the hill. Not that this is a crises for us, we are gonna stay here for a long time now, but I’m really exited to start up on snow now so hopefully this will turn around for tomorrow!


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