Pain you said?

These last two days has been perfect! Snow conditions has gotten better and better, and no one with a healthy mind can complain about the weather.








But, (there is always a but) as most of you (skiers) people out there know, getting in the boots after the summers high usage of flip-flops is quite painful. Mostly only the first couple of days hurt badly though! Then your way-too-small boots and stuffed feet feels like a dream, or something like that…

Yesterday I headed over to Saas Fee (only 50 min drive from Zermatt) to meet up with Killian, who makes the boots for me from Rossignol. You always get new boots every season and its important to start working on them as soon as possible. This way you get used to them earlier and you can fix them up so it hurts less. Now, I’ve talked a bit about pain, but let me tell you…
“There is no greater pain, then the 5 minutes when you’re foaming a liner”.

No, seriously, I know there is a lot more painful things to do and this is a VERY small price to pay, but those 5 minutes… There are no words.

Anyhow, the reason we do it is because it really helps with the contact you have between the foot and the snow. Snow-contact I guess we call it, and for sure it helps avoid irritation to all the bumps and callouses.

All I can say is a picture is worth more than a thousand words.





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