Saas Fee

556453_10201007607526024_2001291034_nAfter a couple of relaxing days in Thun, again, we went up to Saas Fee yesterday. First day slalom for my sake and let me tell you… That showed. I don’t think I’ve ever skied so bad slalom in my life! It’s not even something to get angry or annoyed about. It’s just plain, old humiliating.

We also had some kids training with us from Meiringen today, as they won a lot of children’s races last year. Hahah…I think I gave some of them a god lesson on How-not-to-ski. Some of them skied a lot better than me. But in my defense it was really soft and kinda wet snow, and trying to go your own line, ended up with me hitting every track the opposite way and bouncing out the course. Don’t think I even used my outside ski the entire day. So I hope nobody picked up on my failed circus tricks today. Well, the only think you can learn from these kinda days, is that they happen and without these days you don’t really appreciate the good ones. You can also use some of the day taking some nice photos!







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