Done with part two: Saas Fee


The last 4 days we had in Saas Fee was almost as good as the time we spent in Zermatt! The hill is for sure different, and the snow conditions were a bit more challenging, but all in all it was some great days there as well! The weather was one again perfect as you can see on the award winning gallery I put further down!

I’m super happy about these three(!!!!) and a half weeks we were skiing now! There are more good turns in there than bad and the best of all is that that doesn’t just apply for me! Meaning: All the girls on the team has been working super hard and with that you can seriously see the results! This makes me just more pumped up for the next camp and it brings out my competitive side! Maybe a bit too soon cause the season doesn’t start until the end of October, but it’s a competitive sport and you gotta bring your best all the time.

Anyhow, we are heading home for some time now before we start up again in the beginning of September!










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