Back in Zermatt!

We arrived back in Zermatt yesterday and we had an amazing training today! Perfect weather and good conditions, again!!! Everybody is skiing so much better now and it feels like we just picked up were we left it last camp. If it continues like this, it’s gonna be a really interesting season!!! 😀

The only thing I didn’t exactly miss from last time, the insane and exhausting way down! The thing is; in order to get down from the glacier you have to take 3 t-bar lifts. That normally isn’t a problem; the problem is that they didn’t exactly place the lifts so it would be a smooth transition to get to the next one, no. You have to walk up a small hill to get to the next one, and in that altitude and with a lot of extra gear and skis…let me just say I know how the people climbing Mount Everest feel. One step takes forever, it feels like the lactate in your legs are having a huge party and don’t get me started on the 50 m we have to step up towards the second lift!? It probably feels like the 8000-something-m the Mount Everest people climb… Great comparison, I know, but I think you kinda have to experience it to fully understand that something so short can be that exhausting! Anyhow, only 13 days to go! 😉






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