Sölden: The start of the season

It all boils down to this.. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You can feel the tension in the air, the nervous looks, the hysterical fans, the paparazzi’s circling outside hotels ? It has to be…JUSTIN BIEBER is in town???!

Or at least it feels like it! No,… This is different kind of superstars staying at the hotels, different kind of fans, different kind competition and a different category of skills being tested. This is the start of the anticipated Sochi Olympic season and this is Sölden; the first race of the 2013/14 World Cup season.

This is my first race here in Sölden and for sure I can feel the nerves kicking in, my heart beating a little bit faster and the excitement for this coming season starting to kick in full speed.
“Tomorrow” is usually spent lying in the sofa with my covers drinking hot chocolate while wishing I could ski here. Now I’m finally here, ready to push the limits.

And drumroll please….. I’m starting on #bib 38, which is awesome, the earlier the better!
So I hope all of you back home or elsewhere are gonna watch me, Lotte(#30) and Nina(#34) race the shit out of that hill tomorrow!
Start at 09.30!

(For my Norwegian friends; NRK eller Eurosport sender og her er noen avisartikler)
http://www.nrk.no/mr/klar-for-verdenscupapning-1.11315164 og http://www.rbnett.no/sport/article8512277.ece

Follow online here:

I’m ready, are you guys? 🙂

SKI ALPIN - FIS Ski WM 2013, RTL, Damen

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