First time in US

Long time no speak, maybe you guys thought I got a life… sipping champagne, eating caviar while hot supermodels was feeding me grapes….
Yup, that’s what I’ve been doing. That and being curled up at home licking my not-so-hurtful-wounds from Sölden.
Either way being at home for a couple of days was amazing, but that bubble burst quickly when I also had to go back to Oslo to do some physical test… Testing is not my favorite thing to do in this world. It’s on the same level as crawling through a sewage pipeline without diving goggles or a nose clip, but somebody’s gotta do it… Then again, the feeling after the test are done can be compared to Christmas and your birthday stuffed with fairy dust and a magic unicorn at the same time. So you take the test.
I did ok, increased my max leg strength which was good. I can now honestly say that I can squat Santa Claus!!! 😀 Which can come in handy as my evil plan if I don’t get what I want for Christmas…But now I’ve totally trailed of what I was going to talk about!

As the headline applies, this is my first time in the land of dreams. I’ve only been once in Canada (JWC in Quebec last year), so my knowledge of this side of the pawn and promised land is pretty low. Except all I’ve seen on TV….which is A LOT!!! So I have tons of expectations…

US is for me, the place I’ve always wanted to go, but never had the chance! Before now!!! So you can understand I basically bounced up and down in pure joy, the kind that kids at age 5 does, as we touched down in Denver. I don’t think anyone has been so stocked to see a JCPenny store, a Walmart or a Target store before.

For sure I’m gonna take a lot of photos, but since I was practically a zombie in pre-menstrual state yesterday after the flight, so taking photos was not my first priority…

Gonna keep you posted if its as good as everybody says.



One thought on “First time in US

  1. 😀 Well, you are the lucky one being from Norway: most of Americans know that it’s from Europe. But talking about stereotypes, lots of them think that Spain is a South American country… 😛
    Waiting to see you again on the slopes soon! Have a nice time there and enjoy!

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