Living the american dream

Hello from the land of dreams!20131110-112958.jpg

I’m doing really well, thank you for asking! Since I got to the US I have been really busy experiencing the american dream, hence the poor updating on this site.
Most of the time I have been skiing, which is going good! I have been using waaaaay to much money on shopping since everything over here is almost free comparison to the Norwegian prices. I’m on the verge of personal bankruptcy. (If my mom and dad are reading this; I barely have used a cent; but…uhm… daddy send more money!) I have been eating a lot of good food, which basically translates to Mexican food….For breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Sometimes I have tacos for desserts as well) And I’ve been to Wallmart!!!! The holy store! I was soo stoked on seeing a Walmart for the first time that not only did I squeak out of pure joy and jumping up and down when I saw it, I also had to take a photo in front of it. There was a lot of puzzled looks from the normal american.

But the reason I now took the time to update is; 1. We have a day off… much easier to take the time to do this and 2. We have our second race of the season tomorrow!!! We are skiing some FIS races; SC, SG and GS. Which is gonna be awesome. Copper has one of the best hills I’ve ever skied and I’m having a blast skiing down here. Since I’m (about)7 hours away from Europe, you guys have a chance to stay updated on how we (Me and Lotte) are doing. You can log on to
and click on Copper Mountain to check on us. Since this is just a FIS race, you can not see our happy faces on TV, but that comes soon enough when we go to Beaver Creek!

Anywho… I gotta go eat some tacos…
Peace out!















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