I really don’t know what to say… I’m truly speechless.. I’m not even gonna try to be funny…Finishing 8th in the GS was waaaaay more then I had expected. I have never before qualified for a second run in GS, my best positions have been 32 and 31, so I for sure hoped for a top 30 result….But after my first run I was 12th, already a position neither myself or probably or others had expected! At the start of the second run I just had this feeling: “you know what?! Challenge accepted! I’m gonna do great here. Hit me with your best shot course… I’m gonna nail it anyways!” Sounds cocky, I know…but sometimes you just have this feeling and you just gotta go with it! Then topping that with the 7th fastest time in 2nd run and ending 8th made me have a liftoff of this earth! I’m lucky I have ears, otherwise that smile in the finish line would have gone around my face!! I think you would have to look far to see a happier girl!
That moment is the reason why I do what I do! A feeling of accomplishment, pride and achievement! I’ve been working sooo hard for this and it finally paid off. To think this is only the beginning is even better! If I’m this happy for a 8th place, I don’t dare to think what my first podium will do!

To make this an even better day I had a teammate with me up “playing in the big leagues”. Nina did an amazing result too here with a 12th place! Lotte did here best SG result yesterday with a 10th place and Mona was(and has been) kicking ass up in Levi, both WC and EC. This only shows we are team that is coming. We have taken huge steps since last year and I’m just excited to see what the future brings!





3 thoughts on “BEST.DAY.EVER!

  1. Dear Ragz. My name is Joe , came from poland to Chicago , Illinois ( USA ) in 1962 ( 5 )was five. ! So I jus started watching world cup sking at the end 2017 .. I wanted to be different b’cause every one cheers for shiffrin or vonn .. So i watched a few times and ( i love the under dog ) .. they did a short story on yourself .. I said to myself … That’s my “ Underdog “ … Well the rest is history , Great cheering for you in the Olympic’s … So now Kick some Ass in 17/18. … Wish you “ Good Health and Great Sking .. For me I always played with a lotta Heart ❤️ ( American Football and Baseball ). Fyi i cant ski for shit LMAO … Good Luck a fan now in prescott valley , arizona !!!

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