Lake Louise; where minus degrees comes to die…


They warned me before I got here..- It’s gonna be like nothing you have ever experienced before…they were right.

That’s how my book would start; if I were to write one about this freaking cold, but beautiful place. I think the title for the book would be something like: Lake Louise: Where hell froze over…Not in my life have I experienced cold like this, and that’s saying something cause I’m from Norway; where vikings are born and raised in the snow.  We are supposed to be used to this.

If you are a racer I’m competing against tomorrow; forget what I said. I’m gonna wear my summer shorts tomorrow  and work on my tan!!! This is summer for us. I’m barely gonna wear anything under the suit tomorrow, that’s how we vikings do it!  BAM!!!
If you are not gonna race me tomorrow; I’m gonna put six other layer of clothes on, just to be safe… I obviously don’t wanna freeze to death.

The hill here is really cool! This is my first time here and I’m told not to beat myself up if I’m a little slow at the beginning. It takes some experience to ski fast here, but that’s just something me and my patience don’t have time for. I wanna be fast now! This course is probably the fastest one in the ladies WC with speeds well up in 130 km/h. My head knows that, cause every time I get to “Fishnet/Fall away” turn (THE turn you need to nail to make it go really fast)  there is an internal tug of war between the logical fear of death and the need to ski fast. People always ask me if I’m ever scared skiing downhill? Needless to say, I causally lie them straight in their face saying: -No.
You have to do that though. The thing is this: Yes, sometimes I almost shit my pants cause I think its scary, but I still do it!  I have to try at least and for every run I do, it gets a little bit less scary. If you don’t think you can do something before you even tried, you already lost. You have to believe you can do it, and you absolutely need to tell yourself you can!
Now I’ve done this for a couple of years now, but I am no where close to understanding all the power that I constantly play with. This course gives me a huge mental challenge as well as physical one; being seconds away from the 2 min mark. I have to be strong and handle the highest speeds I’ve ever had in a course before, while pushing the limit on what I’m comfortable with…. But then again, I like pushing the limit.

Bib#57 tomorrow! #underdog #attackfromtheback




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