St. Moritz: 10th place, best SG result

Yeeeehaaaa… Awesome day, ended 10th in today’s SG! I did not think that was gonna happen with some of my mistakes! You see….there was this blind gate (means you don’t see it before you’re practically there) a lot of people struggled with today. I was no exception to that. Coming towards it I was like:”I got this, I got this!” Coming over it, I was more like:” I don’t got it, I don’t got it”. Since I find mono skiing way much more fun than alpine skiing anyhow, I thought I might show you guys a trick or two. So.. As some of you guys might have seen on TV, I’m very talented to stand on one ski, and on top of that(!) I can make 90 degrees angles with my feet doing it! Beat that!

I wanna give a shout-out to Kajsa Kling today! She scored her first podium with finishing 2nd from bib#44! Kajsa you are amazing!



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