Happy new year! Godt nytt år!

2013 has passed, and it has been one hell of a year. I think every year only gets better and better, so my expectations for this coming year is sky-high! I now expect a gold…fish from my mom and dad…I also expect to meet Santa Claus next year, since he didn’t show this year (he left a note saying he got stuck in a snow blizzard), and Barack Obama, cause…uhm…. It would be cool I guess…and we could take a selfie together!!! Yes, we should most definitely take a selfie together!!! I expect my body to keep up with my mind, cause I’m gonna win…ter the shit out of this new year, and I expect to have a just as awesome year as I did now!

No, seriously. I know this year is gonna be a good one, and even though I have pretty tough expectations…let’s face it, Santa Claus didn’t get stuck in a snow storm…Rudolph ran away again, but that’s too embarrassing to say.
I hope all of you (as in you two people who is reading this post) had the best New Year’s Eve celebration as I did with tons of amazing people and friends. I wish you all (yes, still you two) the best year to come and again I wanna thank you for the support I’ve gotten this year! The kind words and “good luck’s” means the world to me.

As you can see under, we celebrated in style!





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