Wakeboarding after a M32 catamaran

As my heading applies I got this amazing opportunity from Panasonic, who I had a cooperation with under the Olympics, to actually wakeboard after a catamaran. And let me tell you…it was just as awesome as it sounds. I never thought that a “sailboat” had the acceleration and speed to drag me out of the water in the first place, man was I wrong! It’s insane the amount of speed they get and it was easy getting enough speed to stand.
Instead of me bragging about how cool this was…HUGE thanx to Team Rahm Racing who helped me out!

Check out the video Panasonic made:

4 thoughts on “Wakeboarding after a M32 catamaran

  1. Dear Ragnhild, you have such a beautiful blog/ideas/photos, videos, it is great pleasure to read it all. Enjoy your life in full gas, I wish you only health and success through all your ski career and of course through your whole life!!! Sure I´ll chase you on Fb and Twitter all the time :-D.
    Kindest regards to you and to all Attacking Vikings (girls and boys team, too) !

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