New Zealand

So, after a millennium  I decided that maybe it was time to update this page again. We are now currently in New Zealand skiing, and its amazing. After 42 hours of traveling, feeling wasted and hangover at the same time, we arrived at Lake Takapo and started our camp with a week of skiing at Roundhill. Its an easy going hill and a good way to get into it again. Lake Takapo is insanely beautiful. Let me just say that one more time… INSANELY beautiful. The nature and scenery here is one of a kind. Everywhere you look it seems like you are looking at a postcard. This pretty much goes for all of New Zealand, but you get my drift!  One of my favorite parts of skiing is when you start up skiing again after you had the summer break. That’s when motivation is sky high and the joy of skiing is all you live and breath for.
That’s also the part where you realize you are in a pissing contest with everyone who just started studying back home. Its the “my-life-is-way-cooler-than-your-life-part” of the year and we love it. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but lets face it…While most people our age is cramped up in a room with 10.000 other people and enough books and curriculum to build your own fortress, at least that’s what I would do…we are out in the most beautiful nature skiing and figuring out how to ski the fastest from one stick to another.

Anyways, after some really good skiing at Roundhill we moved on to Coronet Peak and Cardrona to up the stakes and challenge. After pumping up your confidence skiing like heroes , you get pretty quickly grounded after coming here.  It’s tough hill to ski with both steeps, bumps and rollovers. I love it though. Its great to ski and practice on the stuff you are not so good in, even if it means you’ll have a bruised ego for a couple of days. Speaking of bruises…I got one heck of  b***h slap on my thigh after I apparently tried to apply for Cirque du Soleil in the last gate of the GS course the other day. After I was done with my acrobatic act, I ended up face-planting in front of the line where you get on the lift. And I’m supposed to be a good skier…very proud moment!

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2 thoughts on “New Zealand

  1. Rag you have really beautiful photos! But as I wrote maybe once … for me photos from Norway is also like postcards; appreciate your nature one of the best in Europe! I also hope that you can enjoy skiing and in connection also appropriate study for future,too.
    Many best regards from Prague … and continue and enjoy training :-)))

  2. Rag your photos are awesome as always! Thanks for sharing. Some of them are some beautiful screen wallpaper! I hope you can borh ski and study, it’s the best for you. Yes, your life is cooler but your smile even more! :))) Regards from Europe and… Enjoy!!!

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