Learning to know your idols

SG is way more fun for me than DH… Well, obviously because I’m a way better SG skier than a DH skier, but also because it reminds me a bit more of GS. This time – for the first time – I got to start with bib nr 1! That’s a new experience; there is no line to follow, nobody has tried out the course before you, there is no TV you can watch before you go and you really have to trust yourself and the plan you do on inspection! I did chicken out some turns, but mostly I did an OK solid run. With that I ended up 15th, something I’m fairly happy with! šŸ™‚

The biggest part of my day was by far witnessing history being made with Lindsey Vonn taking her 63 victory in a Would Cup and with that, Ā becoming the most winning female skierĀ in history. Now THATS a super impressive accomplishment that is gonna be hard to beat.Ā I’m still just a little bit intimidated and proud to be racing in the same competitions of many of the skiers I watched growing up. The names that I only knew through the TV screen, I’m now able to know and talk to…Many I which IĀ even consider my friends. I love that about this sport; friendship is not divided by borders or countries and we are not rivals more than in the course itself. Also, being one of the younger racers in this circus, you would think the older barely acknowledges your presence, but no, not at all….They greet you with an open mind and they are the nicest people there is. Age has no meaning here, other than the experience you have or lack.

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One thought on “Learning to know your idols

  1. Therefore I like skiing… because usually and mostly there is and always was the true friendship between skiers and the people round this sport. And still once more congratulation to 15. …it had to be tough experience to start as first for the first time (Y) !

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