To St. Moritz with love

I freaking love that place… Everytime I’ve been there, its been awesome…Both conditions, weather (at least most of the time) and basically just living. Its so beautiful there and its by far one of my favorite places…I feel so comfortable with the slopes and for sure that shows on my results there as well.
This last weekend I had my best result in downhill, ever; 14th! I know, that one idiot that managed to stumble on to this blog, and doesn’t know that much  about skiing, would probably not think that is a good achievement. It is though, to me….because you gotta start somewhere. When you do better than you have ever done before it is good. I’m for sure taking my time getting better in downhill, I’m painfully aware of that…but at least I’m slowly moving in the right direction. Next DH race is Beaver Creek and the Championships. Skiing “The Raptor” is something I’m equally scared and excited about, but mostly that last part.

Sunday was even more amazing! Finally I skied with the speed I’ve been missing in the last SG races and skied into 7th place! 😊 With that I did the best I’ve ever done in a speed discipline! My previous also being from St.Moritz last year (10th). Such a great way to sum up the WC races before coming into the World Championships in Beaver Creek. Now I’m taking a mini-vacation to recharge my batteries. See you in Colorado!


3 thoughts on “To St. Moritz with love

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  2. Beaver Creek is your kind of hill – you know how to crank on it. I sense a WCHamps podium…c’mon girl!

  3. Ragnhild, enjoy your short vacation, reload the energy and GO in WCH. When you run on slope your fans are without breath, you are brave girl!!! Good luck in USA !!!

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