HEAD – What your limit


So what is my limit? Apparently I found it regarding keeping this site up… after a whole year not doing anything. BUT when it comes to what is happening to the skiing part, there are a few news I would like to share.
After a good 9 year period with Rossignol, I’ve decided to try something else. I’m happy to say I will be continuing with HEAD from here on out. That was a tough choice, but at the same time a choice I believe is the right one to take. Changing from a brand to another isn’t something I take lightly, cause its not as easy as changing clothes. It takes time to get used to and its doubles the amount of work to put in to get the answers from the gear that you are looking for. Having said that, I truly believe this is gonna help my skiing in the direction I wanna go.

I wanna thank Rossignol for all the help and support they have provided, but now I’m ready to try something new. I’ve heard change is good and right now its what I need.
By joining HEAD, I’m joining an already extreamly good stable of world class skiers.

You can also read about what HEAD thinks by clicking on the photo below:

One another note I’m also happy that I will continue with both Snowlife (gloves) and Komperdell (poles).


3 thoughts on “HEAD – What your limit

  1. Best of luck in your recovery and looking forward to seeing you back out there racing.
    My family hails from Sweden and Norway but in the US now.
    All the best,

  2. Hi, had my left knee replaced in May 2019 just went out for the first ski in December, I can’t believe how it has helped! Looking forward to seeing you on the hill again! GOOD LUCK 👍

  3. Hello Ragnhild! I just read about your Injury and I’m very sad to hear that,because that really is a big loss for the women’s World Cup😒 I am from Austria and I am a big Fan of you,you really accomplished quite a lot already and I hope that you are able to continue in the same successful way after your Injury,I look forward to your Return!Now I can only wish you ALL THE BEST for your Recovery,since the World Cup without you just isn’t the same…Nice Greetings from Austria..Stefan

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