About me

I was born on the 12th of September in the glorious year of 1992 in Molde, Norway. For those of you who haven’t heard of this place, it’s the most beautiful ever!!!!!! (I would recommend a visit).

My family consists of my mom and dad and my two older siblings. Both of them are a lot older than me, 13 and 9 years, and it was my sister who is the oldest who started with alpine skiing. My brother followed and as a result of that, there was no question about me starting as well. Playing on skis in a course as well as off-piste was what I loved to do and it became a passion! I did however also play soccer until I was 15, but I had to give that up when I started at a ski acadamy in Oppdal, Norway. From that point out I knew I was gonna be an alpine racer. My supporting parents are the main reason for my development throughout the years. They have always backed me up, driven me I-don’t-know-how-many-miles and always allowed me to push the limits when it comes to skiing.

I got on the Norwegian national team when I was 18 years old. Since that time I’ve gotten quite a few Norwegian national titles, but my international “breakthrough” came in 2012 when I won two gold and got one bronze  at the Junior World Championships in Roccaraso, Italy. Last season (2012/2013) I got one gold and one silver at the Jr.World Championship in Quebec, Canada and I won my first European Cup race in SG in Sochi, Russia. That season was also the end to my junior years and I’m ready to take on the big leagues.
419875_10150604021628195_546258194_9066347_1746597085_nwatermark (33)                             IMG_4030


2011/2012: Junior World Championships, Roccaraso (ITA):

  • Gold in Giant Slalom
  • Gold in Combination (SC)
  • Bronze in Super-G
  • 4th in Slalom

2012/2013: Junior World Championships, Quebec (CAN):  

  • Gold in Combination (SC)
  • Silver in Giant Slalom
  • 5th place Super G 

European Cup:

  • 1st place SG, Sochi, RUS

World Cup:

  • 16th Super Combination, St.Moriz, SUI
  • 19th Super G, St.Moritz, SUI
  • 26th Super G, Cortina, SUI

2013/2014: Olympics, Sochi:

  • 6th place Super Combination, RUS
  • 19th place Super G, RUS

World Cup:

  • 5th Giant Slalom, Kühtai, AUT
  • 7th Giant Slalom , Maribor, SLO
  • 7th Super G, St.Moritz, SUI
  • 8th Giant Slalom, Beaver Creek, USA
  • 10th Super G, St.Moritz, SUI

European Cup:

  • 1st place Downhill, St.Moritz, SUI
  • 1st place Super G, St.Moritz, SUI
  • 2nd place Downhill, St.Moritz, SUI



7 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Hey! I saw you today’s downhill race… my judgement: you will be Norge’ s newcomer very soon!
    Hope to see your face more often in the future.
    Your 1st fan in Austria
    Harald frå Vienna

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